With a soft kiss … she welcomes you.


It’s almost July and I’m still not in the swing of believing that it’s summer yet! Time is just flying this year!

My new place is still in the process of getting set up with some new furniture (still shopping!) and lots of surprises for you when you decide to come over and visit with me!

And my BIG news is that I’ve started writing on my blog again. Although I’ve written much more than I’ve published, please start checking in on a regular basis. I plan to be rather provocative in upcoming blog posts.

And in the interim, I DO plan on being completely provocative when you contact me for an appointment. I’m always concupiscent, warm and inviting. Trust me, you’re in for a rare treat with “not the usual one”.



P.S. The picture below is named “Dinner is Served”. The photo was taken last year in May.

Avenue-X is a website devoted to the areas of Virginia and well, other areas up north! I have a true desire to visit Virginia and also, another jaunt to Washington. It’s a nice site!

Here is another site that I do appreciate! A banner was required for them as well! It’s SouthernGFE.com

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