With a soft kiss … she welcomes you.


“Dear Santa,
Is it too late to be good?”

The calendar says that winter’s almost here. The Dallas thermometer disagrees right now but boy, am I looking forward to snuggling under the covers and experiencing some joy! You know, there’s the warmth a blanket can give, and then there’s the warmth that multiplies between a man and woman of like mind when they hold each other close and follow the cues of their senses. Sometimes, we just don’t need those covers, do we?

No matter the season, passion and pleasure are always foremost in our minds. Together, let’s go where they lead!

Any time is a great time to get together and celebrate sensual naughtiness, don’t you think? Let’s make some sensational holiday memories right now, just the two of us. And let’s practice keeping each other warm!

… not the usual one