With a soft kiss…she welcomes you.


Well, how does one begin to speak of some critical changes going on? Guess that I’ll dive right in!

For several months, I’ve putting off doing what needs to be done to this website. Making some changes to the format. Trying to find out what has happened to SO many blog posts that were lost when the site was moved to a different server. Don’t you just hate taking care of important business sometimes? Procrastination has always been a bit of an issue. Sound familiar? Smile.

But no longer. Please read my newest blog post! And note that hypnosis, ASMR, and non-sexual spankings are going to be offered at a reduced rate. And massage! Did I mention a good ‘ole fashioned massage?

You gotta read that new blog post! (Click here)

It’s gorgeous weather in Dallas today. And windy! But always, I’m considering the possibilities of an erotic tryst with you. Someday soon. Contact me.

And travel is still in the mix for Spring! Wish to invite me to your city? Let me know.

With warmest regards and sweet kisses where they count the most,


I’m hoping your midwinter is going great! You know, this can be a little bit of a gloomy time of the year. It’s still winter, the weather’s often a drag, the Christmas and New Year’s holidays are past us, and the year has lost some of its shiny newness. Are we gonna let it get us down? Ha! If I were “the usual one,” there might be some danger of that. But, as you know, I’m “Not the Usual One,” and I know just how to put together a little tryst with you that will knock the socks off both of us (and maybe some other things, too — wicked grin!), and get us both warm, satisfied, and smiling. And no matter what time of year … isn’t that what it’s all about, anyway?

Speaking of times of the year, I’m looking ahead at the calendar. I see Valentine’s Day coming up … get in touch, and we’ll make plans to put pink hearts — and devil horns! — all over some time spent together. Mardi Gras? Sure, we may not be in NOLA, but let me see what I can do to make you feel like tossing some beads my way! And St. Patty’s Day is on the horizon. That’ll be a chance for you to come and see me, wearin’ a bit of the green … I’d adore a chance to slip it back off you!

In the coming weeks, I’m still looking at doing a bit of travel. The possibilities are wide open; where would YOU like to see me? Get in touch and let me know. Maybe we can plan an exceptional time together in your city!

So let’s make our journey through the rest of this winter a blissful, sensual dance. Who knows? I might be able to show you a few new steps!

Anticipating hearing from you,


Happy New Years!!! Hope that Santa was good to everyone this year and I’m looking forward to a wonderful 2016 (hope you are, too)!

And I have some GREAT news!!!

For the month of January, I now have an incall location in north Dallas! I’ll also be able to entertain(!) on occasion in Garland as well, but this place in north Dallas? It’s completely wonderful with mirrors, a stocked bar and a fridge filled with water, beer and other goodies!

Winter offers us so many different pleasures. From going out and doing things on those days when the end of your nose gets chilly, to gazing upward on those clear nights when the winter stars look like so many diamonds spilled out carelessly over black velvet, to nestling-down indoors on those chilly evenings and practicing the fine art of cozy cuddling … you can share that last one with me, making it all the better for both of us! And travel is always a possibility … let me know what fun things are going on in your city, and maybe I’ll go!

After my web-hosting company’s database meltdown that lost me the last three years’ worth of content on this site (bummer!), the process of building a new site continues. As a part of that process, I have a photoshoot coming up next week! NEW pictures!

No matter what else changes, you know, one thing I’m always thinking about is a provocative tryst with you! So let’s meet soon. You’ll find me to be warm, perceptive, intuitive, and always totally sensual … and, at this time of year, downright festive. So get in touch — let’s plan to make some wonderful holiday memories together!

With warmth and naughty anticipation,