With a soft kiss … she welcomes you.

As 2017 unfolds, some things are changing, while the perennial things hold fast.

Somehow, this time of year causes me to reflect on the passage of time and seasons. And our changeable weather adds an appropriate backdrop for musings of this sort. Rain and fog right now, but longer days, sun, and warmer temperatures are coming. Yes, spring will arrive in due course, however unlikely that may seem just now.

And changes continue in Elisabeth’s world, too. Thinking just now of my new incall location! Come see it.

Daytime hours are best for me at this time, although evening arrangements are possible, with some pre-planning.

I’m considering some business changes, too … watch this space for updates. If some time with “Not the Usual One” has been on the back burner of your things-to-do list, this might be a good time to move it to the front, as I may be emphasizing other pursuits soon.

But even as things flow and change, there are some constants. Here’s one: the very best use of a day when the weather recommends staying indoors. The best thing to do with a day like that is a leisurely tryst with a mature blond lady whose experience in the world of the sensual and passionate makes her an ideal choice as your companion and guide.

I have a very comfortable spot saved for you [Elisabeth smiles wickedly and pats the mattress next to her].

If we haven’t met, we’ll need to do a bit of screening, but it doesn’t hurt — truly, it doesn’t. So, get in touch.

We’ll take care of the formalities and seek the limits of your bliss, in whatever direction that might take us: straightforward sweetness, unleashing your inner beast, or the darker complexities of alternative sorts of sensuality. Let’s get together and explore!

Until then,