With a soft kiss … she welcomes you.


I cannot believe that cooler weather is headed our way. (Kind of difficult to tell that as I’m writing this. It’s very warm in Texas right now!) But the Fall season is my most favorite time of the year!

So why don’t you get away from the everyday drag and come over and visit with me! I’ll have some cold (or warm) drinks waiting for you, and let me know if there is something that you’ve craving so I’ll have it ready (and I’ll be ready, too!) when you arrive, then we can go from there!

You’re in for a real treat when you visit “not the usual one”.

Oh, I’m located in far north Garland, Texas in a middle-class neighborhood. Very discreet. Very comfortable. Everything is nice and neat and exceptionally clean. You’ll feel good when you leave our visit. Actually, you’ll feel GREAT~!


Hope to see you soon!

… not the usual one

P.S. The picture below is named “Dinner is Served”. The photo was taken last year in May.

Avenue-X is a website devoted to the areas of Virginia and well, other areas up north! I have a true desire to visit Virginia and also, another jaunt to Washington. It’s a nice site!

Here is another site that I do appreciate! A banner was required for them as well! It’s SouthernGFE.com

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