With a soft kiss…she welcomes you.


Happy fall! It’s my favorite time of the year, and I hope that it’s yours, too.

Fall is such an energizer! It makes me think of new plans and projects, and I’ve got one or two on the “back burner” right now. Travel is always a possibility … let me know what fun things are going on in your city, and maybe I’ll go!

One project that I didn’t really want: my web-hosting company decided to have a database catastrophe that lost me the last three years’ worth of content on this site. Boooo! Hiss! So I have some patching up to do. Or maybe I’ll wish to simply build a new site. Either way, I’ve got some things to think about.

And, you know, one thing I’m always thinking about is a naughty tryst with you!

My incall is conveniently located in far north Garland, completely safe and discreet. Let’s meet soon!

You’ll find me to be warm, perceptive, intuitive, and always totally sensual. So get in touch — let’s plan to make some wonderful fall memories together!

Warmest regards,