Open to …

… moist experiences!

Alternative activities are often difficult to write about and can be even more awkward to discuss on a website devoted to pleasure and rich vanilla decadence between two people. With “this” there is an interesting juxtaposition that happens once a person decides to open up to a stranger to attempt to explain something that is often…just not explainable.

I have created this separate page to let people know that I do offer different types of appointments. But I’m not going to make a list of what and where and the other 5 “W’s” for you.

Whether you have a need to be nurtured, or a good spanking to experience a catharsis of emotion to just clear your head, bondage, to different role play scenarios, Elisabeth is open to many.

If you are just feeling something, you’re yearning for something and cannot quite put it into words what you want … but you know that you want it … contact me. Let’s have a back and forth in an effort to explore your needs.

By the way, have I told you that I have many types of fun things to play with?