Reach out and … touch.


Screening is required. Elisabeth is just as careful with whom she sees as you are. Discretion for both parties is paramount.

To screen, she requires a name, home address, blood type (kidding!), a contact phone number, a work phone number to confirm employment, a work address and a good time to call you to confirm the appointment. She does accept verifiable references from other reputable, independent ladies in Dallas.

Elisabeth does understand your personal security concerns. Please send her an email (see below) with the information included. It’s appreciated!


Phone: For new friends, I provide my phone number after screening (see above). For returning friends, be advised that my phone number has changed, and the number you had before August 2016 is no longer mine. Just email and I’ll give you my new one!

Or you can e-mail: elisabethwhispers at hotmail dot com (write this normally in your e-mail address bar or your message won’t send!).