Additional information is wonderful

…wouldn’t you agree?

Business Related

So what is expected when I come to visit you?

Elisabeth is always surprised at this question. She doesn’t present a bucket list of activities on her site or elsewhere. What may happen between one appointment and another can vary greatly. There isn’t a script to follow when something exceptionally private is happening between two people.

So can I call and talk naughty with Elisabeth?

Sure! This is a relatively new offering but if you’re interested in speaking to Elisabeth for an extended period of time, whether to ask for advice or just follow through with a fantasy, please contact her by sending an e-mail (elisabethwhispers at hotmail dot com) or call her. There are plenty of remunerative options that can be quickly discussed. Just ask!

Does she have any reviews?

Elisabeth personally doesn’t like reviews but she knows that they are a necessary evil. She has quite a few reviews and used to link them from here. But, you know, with the recent SESTA / FOSTA panic going on, those links aren’t useful, for now. Elisabeth hopes for the return of a measure of sanity. Perhaps those review links will be back.

Does she have an incall location?

Elisabeth currently has a private location that is completely comfortable and convenient to get to. It’s located in far north Garland.

Does Elisabeth offer outcall?

Yes, if it’s to a very nice hotel in the Dallas area. Residential outcalls will be considered as well, with limitations. She will consider outcalls outside of the Dallas area but there will be a $100 travel surcharge. This can be discussed on an individual basis.

Why does she not show her face in her pictures?

Because her whiskers and warts might turn you off! Really, the only reason Elisabeth does not show her face is one of privacy. She has a professional background and still works part-time in the non-profit sector. You can understand the impact on her career if her face was shown. She respects your need for discretion because she has those same needs. Elisabeth describes herself very well on her Bio page. Her appearance is very American with a bit of Western Europe thrown into the mix.

Hey, I’m a great looking guy and we’re going to have such a wonderful time together. Now, how about a discount? (This includes all requests for discounts, regardless of reason. She just hears this particular one a lot.)

Mutual chemistry is a lot more involved then how attractive one partner is and the perceived abilities that one individual has. Please do not ask for a discount.

You send an e-mail saying: “Tell me a little more about yourself and please send a picture.”

A request like this tells Elisabeth that you’re just not paying attention. She is very thorough within the pages of this website and all of the pictures she has to share are here.

I’m interested in some alternative activities. How do you feel about that?

It depends whether your area of interest converges with Elisabeth’s interests. Please read on…

Personal FAQs

What type of man really turns Elisabeth on?

Elisabeth can honestly say that she doesn’t have a “type”. On a personal note, she is happy to meet a down to earth cornfed man, or a guy who has a few rough edges to someone who might sport purple hair! She tends to attract those who are cultured and somewhat polished, but the outer shell isn’t her most important criteria for meeting. Wonderful and erotic surprises come in all different types of clothing and personal styles.

Does Elisabeth smoke or does she do drugs

No and no.

What sort of gifts does she like?

Although obviously gifts aren’t necessary, if you sincerely wish to get Elisabeth a gift and want some ideas, you can view her all-encompassing Amazon Wish list.

What are her plans for the future?

Elisabeth would like to complete her Masters in English with specialization in ESL (English as a Second Language) in the next two years. She believes the world is becoming much smaller so we need to appreciate all other cultures and work to cultivate good relations with all. Yes, it’s a little idealistic in a not-so-idealistic world but we can all dream, right? Elisabeth would love to teach children at some point. She has a strong maternal and protective instinct. Not very erotic sounding, she knows. But it’s certainly there.

Her plans do include extensive travel with an emphasize on learning about Australia and certain Asian countries. Are you interested in joining her for a short jaunt? And finally, she is on a constant quest of finding a good level of personal contentment, if not downright happiness! It’s important to live in the moment and just enjoy the day to day times that one has … even if mundane. Life is a journey even if one decides to step off the winding road, if only for a short while.