Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing. — Ralph Waldo Emerson


December 18th, 2011 by Elisabeth

I had started a topic on one of the boards that I frequent about mustaches. I deal with them a lot and quite frankly, I wonder why men like to have them.For the most part, they can be attractive but I can often find them irritating.I know that it’s often a vanity thing for men. Last night, I was watching the movie “Tombstone” for the umpteenth time and lord knows, that group wore MUSTACHES!!!I can see the attractiveness being a factor. Sam Elliot is HOT HOT HOT in my book and he sports one. (Sam Elliot is HOT HOT HOT. I will keep saying that until I cannot say it anymore! Damn. He is HOT!)Mustaches will often catch food and coffee. There are very few things more grotesque than kissing a man that has food stuck to his mustache. And sometimes, if they’re longer, a mustache will scratch the area around my lips and it hurts because that is a sensitive area for me.Kissing is VERY important to me and I don’t like to say no. And I try NOT to say no to a man. But dangling coffee and water drips, etc., from a mustache can cause me to feel slightly faint and sometimes nauseous inside.This is a rarity and lately, mustaches haven’t been bothering me as much.Just curious what others thought. I’m surprised that men will admit that they know women might find them to not be the best things in the world but they still have one.The thread is being answered by men who have a mustache and often are justifying why they maintain one even though it might not be well received by the female populace. There hasn’t been a comment yet by a woman claiming to adore them. If a female responds to the topic and let’s us know that she finds them very sexy, I’ll add those thoughts to this post!