Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

My weirdest request? Are you sure that you wish to read about it?

April 13th, 2012 by Elisabeth

There was a topic on one of the boards that I frequent and I actually responded to this question. I really don’t LIKE sharing a bunch of unusual requests that have been made of me because if I’ve done it or NOT done it, it still probably reflects poorly on me either way.However … I’m feeling a little sassy this morning and why not?Here’s one:”That reminds me of the time that I was fairly new and was laying in bed with this man at this gorgeous hotel. He was older and seemed so elegant and it was such a nice ambiance. He asked me if I could tell that he only had one testicle. I told him yes.Then he said that the reason why he only had one was because of all of the CBT that he had endured and that he had a scalpel underneath the covers at the bottom of the bed and that I could start playing with him now.And feel free to lop off the other one, too, he said. I was SO caught off guard that I just gasped. It was the WAY that he said it and the look in his eye.I jumped up and started to faint. His laughter turned to something else and he grabbed me. I didn’t faint but it was horrible.Now, I wouldn’t have had that reaction but then? After I actually LOOKED at his cock, it was all covered with scarring, etc. Just gross. There was more to that person and it was pretty sick.”I’ve had men call who want me to feminize them or whatever. I DO think that some men call and just say whatever to keep you on the phone.Things like this just don’t happen to me anymore because I’m either more experienced (well sometimes) or I can anticipate a man’s attitude a bit better.But I’ve had some weird requests. Right now, I’m feeling slightly sick to my stomach remembering that guy above and just don’t wish to share anymore. I hope everyone is gearing up to having a great weekend!And it’s probably not a good idea to keep asking what is my oddest request. I might just tell you!