When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. — Hunter S. Thompson (1939-2005)

Putting all of the poetic verbiage aside for a moment, please read this …

February 24th, 2012 by Elisabeth

If the truth be known, and I tend to not toot my own horn that frequently because it’s just not in my nature, I’m an excellent choice of someone to visit.And these are the simple reasons why: I can probably do anything more erotically charged than most … I can do it harder, softer, with more intensity and with more experience … and I can feel and anticipate what you need better than the vast majority that you would ever run into, either in this sphere or in others.In other words, if you’re looking for someone to spend time with that has the mental and physical capacities to give you a feeling that you are really seeking, I have the ability to do that for you. Period.And that’s a promise.