Instant gratification takes too long. — Carrie Fisher (1956-)

The first time in his girly panties …

February 23rd, 2012 by Elisabeth

He walked through the door wearing a nice suit, clean cut and had the type of masculine appeal that one might find with a model in an Esquire magazine or in uptown Dallas. Gray hair at the temples, mid-40′s and just had a strong, wide shouldered masculinity that seemed sincere.But he was shaking and nervous.For those of us who have been around the block a few times this is very common with a new friend. Even after the kisses and the hugs that greeted him at the door, he just seemed to become more nervous. I asked him to take off his shoes and I helped him with his jacket.He didn’t look like a virgin. Nor did he kisses indicate that he had little experience with kissing a woman. His lips were divine!When he got down to his underwear, he didn’t wish to remove them. I was about to offer to remove them with my teeth when he slowly backed away from me. I’m thinking to myself that this is starting to worry me.Then, I gently took my hands and slipped them underneath his boxer shorts. Tada. Wait. Hold on. What did I find?A tight fitting pair of pretty lacy panties. I knew then what I had to do.I grabbed his hair and whispered in his ear, “Do you want to be my girlfriend tonight? Or rather, my little slut?? I think that I know what you need”. His shaking stopped and the hard breathing began.It would just be in ill form to tell you EVERYTHING, wouldn’t it? Grin. Suffice to say, there was more shaking and shivering but all in a good way. And when he was finished with me playing with his pretty slit and doing nasty things to him all over his body, he slowly got up and shook himself off.And the transformation began again. He started to get dressed and no longer was he my nasty slutty girlfriend who wanted his pretty little pussy played with. And his bottom expanded. No, while putting his clothes back on … his voice changed and became lower. I could suddenly see his distinctive graying hair again because for whatever reason, when he was my girl it seemed to just all disappear.And as he walked out the door, he turned around and smiled and said thank you. And do you know what I said? I told him that I was going to write just a very brief little story about our time together so that everyone could know that there is a naughty little slut in Fort Worth who is just waiting for some other woman to completely … and thoroughly … take advantage of her pretty little body.With her pretty little panties. And he walked out with those panties in his pocket. For next time.