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Touring&Smelling the Roses …

April 24th, 2012 by Elisabeth

I just wrote a friend and asked her how her most recent tour went. I haven’t heard back but I’ve often entertained the idea of a road trip for a few weeks. But I ALWAYS hear different things and personally, it makes me just wish to stay home and try to build my business right here.But let’s back up 18 months ago. That is when I discovered the city of Chicago. Gosh, I LOVE that town!!! And since that first visit in October of 2010, I’ve been back seven times but not since last October. Why? Well, I’m very busy there and actually have cultivated what I would consider some great clients and friends there.What happens, though, when I’m there is I work a lot but I also continue to get calls from home. Then, when I get home after my trip, I’m exhausted and often, the difference in funds isn’t that great from the expenses and what I would have gleaned if I had just stayed home.Plus, being on the road (sometimes) has a certain lack of quality of life. You’re stuck in hotel rooms. If you’re not making money, then you’re worried about leaving and missing an opportunity. And that lacks of quality in some fashion.Here I am this afternoon. I have worked on the computer, visited with a friend and had an appointment. I’m writing this now after making some coffee with my french press and about to drink some accompanied with some tiramisu. I’m thinking of planting some flowers this afternoon and am wondering if Walt Whitman was truly gay. I need to read “Leaves of Grass” and thinking that I should go to the library or the second hand book store and find a copy to explore.So life can be fat in this world. And right now, I’ve been eating right and trying to exercise and well, it’s showing results. I’m feeling better. If I was on the road, I don’t think that I would have the good feelings that I do right now.So is travel worth it? I think so. But is it worth it for me right now? Jury is still out. If anyone reading this has a strong opinion one way or another, please let me know through an e-mail or just here! I really do wish to see the world and if working while doing so, that’s great. The gentle balance required, though, to travel AND see the sites are just not possible for me right now. Trying to figure that equation out!!!And in the meantime, I’m just watching the flowers bloom!Happy Spring!!! It’s just gorgeous in Dallas!!!