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Mutual Respect&Money …

March 24th, 2012 by Elisabeth

I’ve always been one of those women who really don’t like to discuss payment or ask for money up front. It doesn’t seem lady-like and well, it just isn’t “me”. As of now, the tide has changed.Over the past few years, I’ve noticed more and more that getting my rate has become an issue. Last week, there were three times that, for one reason or another, I was basically shorted.And I’ll go ahead and share each example with you. The first happened when I drove to downtown Dallas to a four star hotel and visited a man in a room with a gorgeous view of downtown Dallas. Very nice. When I was leaving, he asked me my rate. Alright. Crap. What is the FIRST thing that a man does after looking at pictures? Right. The rate.He had my regular incall one hour rate. I had already paid almost $20 for valet and a tip. THIS is why we have outcall fees. Gas and time. So effectively, I drove over 55 minutes and actually made LESS than my regular incall rate to see a fellow. Just a complete lack of respect. Plus, I stayed over twenty minutes.He promised to send me an amazon gift card to make up the difference but he didn’t. I know his real name and number but will I do something vile for a $50 shortage? No. It’s not in my nature.Second time. Saw a guy and he thought that he would pay the rate that he paid when he saw me on a special two years ago. No. I mentioned it to him and to cause less embarrassment, I gently told him my rates and to remember them next time.Third time. WONDERFUL man. I mean the chemistry is just awesome. He saw me the first time and I had posted a rare special on a website and well, I hadn’t changed it. Shame on me and no big deal. Saw him a second time. WONDERFUL man. He paid the same rate. I’ve written him a note.With the third person, I don’t wish to lose a great client because of fifty bucks. And frankly, there are a lot of men that I just adore that if money was an issue, that I would try to work out something with them so that they could enjoy the company of a woman.Yeah. I’m THAT fair.But this is coming down to the idea of mutual respect. And it’s something that a friend of mine wrote about on her website. She has shared with me personally about mutual respect it’s a fine a philosophy that I feel that I need to demand for myself. Oh … her website address is She is an exceptional person and I feel honored for her to be a friend of mine.Many, if not most, women in this business are “pleasers”. We wish to be kind and giving. But often, a man and especially a brazen one, will run over a woman and not think twice. I think that’s the reason why we see such harshness on some levels of this pay for play arena.Well, I do not wish to expect that from my client base. When and if you wish to see me, I want you to feel that I’m worth the time and money to be seen. I put in a lot of effort to be the best that I can be with others. And I charge VERY little in relation to the type of service that I give.I give freely of myself and my charms and that is why you wish to see me. Please leave me with a feeling that you’ve fully appreciated the time spent with me. Sadly … I’m going to start asking for my fee upfront. Period.It’s time to get used to it. And also giving me a small token of your appreciate in seeing me, such as something from my wishlist or a book that you think that I would enjoy … is something that is more appreciated than you know.I don’t ever state in an ad or anywhere that I’m a courtesan. The word has been so bastardized as to have really lost it’s meaning. But that is EXACTLY what I am. A courtesan of the highest degree. Generally, I will try to plan things out for my patrons and make times special. And at this point there isn’t much else to state.Personally, it grieves me that I’m going to have to be slightly harsher with regard to funds being given. These are my thoughts on this beautiful spring evening!