Well, here it goes!!!

February 18th, 2016

For the longest time, I’ve been considering my Swan Song. Yes. Retirement.

And there is a lot that I haven’t experienced in this world, and explorations of sensuality that still need to be delved into and prodded.

There are also a few NEW options that I’m considering and now, offering to you when you visit with me. With the few newer options, it’s less of a girl friend type of experience (I refuse to use acronyms on my site) and more of a “let’s feel good all over” type of appointment.

I’ve been exploring hypnosis, ASMR (if you don’t know what it is, look it up. It’s a heady concept!), regular massage with a handy(!) finish, and non-sexual spankings, of which I’m very experienced with giving.

Also, in November, I had a photo shoot to share with you updated images. Sadly, none of them turned out the way that I wanted them to and so in a few weeks, I’ve rescheduled. And, there will be some candid shots to share as well. Check back and have fun reviewing them!!!

But what you want to know is what I’m offering and how much, right?

I’m still hammering out, in my head, how I wish to do this but for now, here are a few specials that I’m offering:

One Hour of erotic massage with a handy finish – $140

20-30 Minutes of Spanking (spanking, only) – $80

The other “offerings” that I’m suggesting can be incorporated into my regular appointments. Just let me know if you’re interested!

Finally I’m starting a new forum called “Books,etc.” I’m a bibliophile. So it’s way overdue to start a list of books that I’m reading now, and books that are in the pile to be savored, and why.


The Dirty South

June 8th, 2012

Feeling always slightly behind on my admin work, I haven’t really been promoting the fact that I’m heading southeast this summer for a very long road trip. So if you’re reading this and curious about what my plans are (they start next week!), please check back.An erotic and “boinking across the southern states” adventure is about to begin!Always,Elisabeth

Updates and”it’s all good”!

June 7th, 2012

Just to let everyone know, my website has been in the process of being updated and in that process, I learned that I had been using an old version of wordpress. I don’t know exactly what having an older processor entails but I think that it does cause some issues when having a newer and fresher site like this one is now!So my previous blog entries are currently a little messy looking. When the files were transferred from one site to another, the coding somehow messed up and you’re seeing blog posts without paragraph breaks and the pictures are gone.I do plan on contacting my hosting company later on today and am going to try to get my past blog entries straightened up.So please be patient. In the interim, think naughty thoughts! (That works for me!) ;) Have a wonderful week!Sweet kisses,Elisabeth

Why it would be cool … fantasy having to do with my Amazon wishlist!

May 20th, 2012

It’s relatively early on a Sunday morning and I’m sitting in a chilly hotel room in OakBrook, Illinois getting ready to move to another hotel in a bit.And of course, instead of actually doing what I SHOULD be doing, I’m reading book reviews on Amazon. I’ve just added a few books to my wishlist. And although in one way, I think that having wishlists on blogs and escort sites are somewhat tacky, I REALLY like getting surprises and gifts and so I will always have a wishlist on my blog and/or website.It’s just part of the little greedy girl that is in my heart. Of course, that “greedy little girl” part is right next to the “hooker with a heart of gold” portion and what all else that is a part of my being.SO … it is with my rather needy “I wanna” heart that I’m going to share a fantasy. I like getting surprises. And I also like big surprises, which does happen at times. But right now, I would ADORE for someone to go nuts and get me several hundred dollars of “stuff” from my wishlist.How wonderful would it be to come home from Chicago and have waiting a HUGE box of books, perfumes, a stereo, bicycle and God knows what else just waiting at the front door.Yes, I know that if you’re reading this that you’re thinking two things: While rolling your eyes you’re thinking that who WOULDN’T want that? :) And then you might be thinking that this isn’t a very attractive thing to write.Oh wait. And a third. You might just take a peak at my wishlist and just see what items I’m thinking of.With all of this being said, I’m guessing that wanting a HUGE box of goodies probably stems from me missing the Christmas days from my childhood. I remember that my grandparents would have so many presents under the Christmas tree that once the gifts were opened, we would be in piles of crumbled tissue paper, ribbons, bows, Christmas paper and it would be so joyous.During certain years, my brother and I would be so excited that we would get up at 2 AM and see if Santa had arrived yet. When I remember those memories, I always smile.And as one becomes an adult, things change so much. Most of the time, it’s nice to get gifts during the holidays but the gifts don’t seem to have quite the same meaning. Instead of twenty gifts under the tree, there might be three. Maybe four. Sometimes, one.So please don’t think too poorly of me when I like to fantasize about having a humongous girth of presents sent in my direction. And I have to admit, for whatever reason, the gifts that patrons have given me seem to mean so much more.I guess because it’s something that they don’t have to do, or feel obligated to do.A few months back, I came home from a long day of errands and of just being unappreciated, and there was a box waiting for me at the front door. I thought that maybe it was something that was left at the wrong house. And I looked inside.Inside, there was a violin. I couldn’t breath. It was exciting. Now, we’re not speaking of an expensive instrument. Quite the contrary. BUT … the violin was something that I had desired for a very long time. I played the instrument throughout my childhood and I wanted something to strum during the day and just fiddle. And there it was.Can you imagine the feelings and curiosity that I had for the stranger who gave me that? A similar thing happened last Valentine’s Day when a friend left a gift bag near the door of my incall. Inside was a gift card and a small book by Anais Nin, “Little Birds”. He had written inside the book.What he didn’t know was that small act of kindness was the ONLY kindness that I received that day. So while the jaded part of me will tell myself that Valentine’s Day is a crappy holiday and a headache for those of use who are single by choice .. he made that time for me very special. And I will ALWAYS have that book and cherish it.So here is my random post and thoughts for the day. Heck, I need to get back to packing my stuff and getting out of here and heading down the road.I’m rather behind on posting blog topics. I’ll be getting better about that soon enough.I am planning an epic quest type of summer and with that, blog postings and some REALLY big writing surprises (with pictures, too!) are in my plans for the next few months.Sending everyone reading this the best of wishes!Elisabeth

Touring&Smelling the Roses …

April 24th, 2012

I just wrote a friend and asked her how her most recent tour went. I haven’t heard back but I’ve often entertained the idea of a road trip for a few weeks. But I ALWAYS hear different things and personally, it makes me just wish to stay home and try to build my business right here.But let’s back up 18 months ago. That is when I discovered the city of Chicago. Gosh, I LOVE that town!!! And since that first visit in October of 2010, I’ve been back seven times but not since last October. Why? Well, I’m very busy there and actually have cultivated what I would consider some great clients and friends there.What happens, though, when I’m there is I work a lot but I also continue to get calls from home. Then, when I get home after my trip, I’m exhausted and often, the difference in funds isn’t that great from the expenses and what I would have gleaned if I had just stayed home.Plus, being on the road (sometimes) has a certain lack of quality of life. You’re stuck in hotel rooms. If you’re not making money, then you’re worried about leaving and missing an opportunity. And that lacks of quality in some fashion.Here I am this afternoon. I have worked on the computer, visited with a friend and had an appointment. I’m writing this now after making some coffee with my french press and about to drink some accompanied with some tiramisu. I’m thinking of planting some flowers this afternoon and am wondering if Walt Whitman was truly gay. I need to read “Leaves of Grass” and thinking that I should go to the library or the second hand book store and find a copy to explore.So life can be fat in this world. And right now, I’ve been eating right and trying to exercise and well, it’s showing results. I’m feeling better. If I was on the road, I don’t think that I would have the good feelings that I do right now.So is travel worth it? I think so. But is it worth it for me right now? Jury is still out. If anyone reading this has a strong opinion one way or another, please let me know through an e-mail or just here! I really do wish to see the world and if working while doing so, that’s great. The gentle balance required, though, to travel AND see the sites are just not possible for me right now. Trying to figure that equation out!!!And in the meantime, I’m just watching the flowers bloom!Happy Spring!!! It’s just gorgeous in Dallas!!!

Why I will do reference checks often before doing anything else when I get them …

April 21st, 2012

Why? Because it’s just so important. Sometimes, and I’m seeing this more and more, this is a last minute business. And the way that I make the most of my money is being available, or just being open to being available :) , much of the day during the week.Which means, I need a reference FAST.Although I know that giving references doesn’t make money for for me, it’s just important to me for so many obvious reasons.So be really sweet and nice to those ladies that are quick to confirm references. And for those ladies who are getting reference checks, please be timely about it. It can make all of the difference in the world.Is this the start of a great weekend or what???:)